Trail Etiquette

We welcome everyone to enjoy our recreational trails. This trail system is designed as a shared facility where hikers, cyclists and walkers must all do their part to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable outdoor experience. Please remember that these lands are a legacy for future generations – held in trust for public use and enjoyment.

Obey all posted signs. Signs are posted at all trailheads to let you know the areas rules. These rules are designed to protect the nature of our conservation lands and promote safe and enjoyable trail use.

Stay on the trails. Do not make new trails or use closed trails. Occasionally throughout the year, we must close a section of trail for maintenance or because the trail conditions are unsafe. If the trail is closed, it is for your safety. Please respect the signage and stay away from the area. Creating unmarked side trails can damage the vegetation and animal habitats in the area.

Stoop and Scoop. All dogs are required to be on-leash on all trails except the Hersey Lake Rainbow Loop Trail. Please pick up after your dog. Do not leave plastic bags, or other garbage, in the forest.

Please do not litter. Take your garbage and recyclables with you when you leave.

Don’t feed the wildlife. Feeding wild animals threatens the safety of animals and people.

Remain alert. Be aware of other trail users and respect their right to use the trail system. Walk, run and cycle in a safe and predictable manner.

Cycle safely. Cyclists must yield to pedestrians. Keep to the right of the trail except when passing. Use extreme caution on hills, sharp curves and at all intersections.

No motorized vehicles. Our trails provide areas for passive enjoyment by hikers and cyclists throughout the city. Motorized vehicles pose a safety hazard for hikers and wildlife, and damage vegetation and habitat.

Private property. The trail system crosses private property. Show the respect these landowners deserve!