Healthy Trails Fundraising Campaign 2024

Connecting People to Nature

Our goal is to fundraise $200,000 to upgrade 55 km of recreational, non-motorized community trails.

  • Increase trail quality to improve trail safety
  • Continue to allow free access to use of trails
  • Enable trail users to maintain and improve their physical and mental health.


Who uses the trails?

10 trail counters registered 262,636 trail users in 2022

  • Everyone!
  • School cross-country teams
  • School educational walks
  • Fundraising walks
  • Cycling club
  • Timmins Public & CM Shields Library Storywalk®
  • Dog walkers (Rainbow Loop off-leash trail)

The trail system in Timmins offers close access for walking, running, cycling, snowshoeing, while providing a safe environment away from vehicle traffic. Timmins trails allow people to take in the beauty of the landscape and nature which is calming and therapeutic whether spending time alone or in the company of pets, family and/or friends. ~SS

The Problem

55 km

That’s a lot of trails to maintain

Limited Staff

1 contract and 4 summer students

Unpredictable weather

Heavy rain events, ice storms, wind storms

Short season

Major projects require contractors

Limited funding

Increased costs of materials, student wages, insurance

The Solution

Major Repairs

Improving annual weather-damaged areas

Equipment Improvements

Investing in the proper equipment to reduce repair time

The extensive four-season trail system brings us daily joy when walking our dog, riding our mountain bikes, or when running with friends. I’ve noticed a significant user increase in the last few years riding/walking/ enjoying all of the extensive conservation area. Further, the dedicated year-round maintenance of the trails ensures safe use for all users. I can’t thank the MRCA enough for all the work done in the past, present and future. The conservation area is part of our daily life and brings much happiness regardless of the weather. ~LW