Canoeing and kayaking

District maps and canoe route maps for the Grassy and Tatachikapika Rivers are available for purchase at the MRCA office.

The Tatachikapika River is suitable for canoeists ranging from novice to expert. Over its 95 km length, there are more than thirty sets of rapids, providing a combination of opportunities to run the rapids, line the canoe or carry the canoe over the fifteen portages. The full trip, starting at Tatachikapika Lake to the City of Timmins will take you 4-5 days to complete.

The Grassy River offers a 165 km paddle from its headwaters, along the Arctic Divide at Grassy Lake or Nugent, to where it empties into the Mattagami River 26 km upstream of Timmins. The full trip takes approximately 6-8 days to complete and includes 11 portages. There are several shorter trips available depending on where on the system you put in. The beauty and splendour of the Grassy River watershed makes this trip one of the favourites for outdoor enthusiasts from around the area. Deep clear lakes, beautiful rapids and waterfalls, and a landscape of mature jack pine forests are the predominant features you will see along this route.