Bird Watching

Our region is home to a diverse variety of birds all through the year, and is an important part of the spring and fall migratory routes. You can often see several migratory birds from the Bufflehead, Tundra Swans and Great Blue Herons swimming around Gillies Lake and Hersey Lake early in the spring.

Our Conservation Areas provide important resting areas as these birds make their long journeys, and also offer year round habitat for non-migratory birds. Both the Hersey Lake and Gillies Lake Conservation Areas are equipped with convenient parking areas, pleasant trails and good viewing areas.

Gillies Lake also offers an area to watch the many ducks that live here throughout the summer. While many residents like to feed the waterfowl and birds in this area, artificial feeding can actually be harmful to them, potentially leading to disease, behaviour disorders and environmental issues.

Timmins has a growing birdwatching community. Information can be found on the following sites:

Birds of Timmins Posters are available at the MRCA office.

The Wintergreen Fund for Conservation also participates in the Timmins Christmas Bird Count each December.