Strategic Plan 2020-2023

The Board of Directors and staff of the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority completed our first strategic planning exercise throughout 2019. This information will guide our activities and decisions over the next 4 years. The following is a summary of the MRCA Strategic Plan 2020-2023. A downloadable pdf of our Strategic Plan Summary is also available,

Our Vision

A healthy, safe and sustainable environment.

Our Mission

We manage the conservation, protection and restoration of our watershed.

Our Goals

Protect People and Property

  • Safeguard our community from the dangers of flooding and erosion through flood management planning, site alteration management, education and enforcement.
  • Protect drinking water sources.
  • Monitor and maintain our natural flood control infrastructure.
  • Collaborate with partners in data collection and information sharing.
  • Support municipal land use planning, emergency management and floodplain mapping.
  • Monitor and report on our watershed’s water quality and quantity.

Connect People to Nature

  • Maintain quality trail systems and conservation areas that support safe access for all residents and visitors to our watershed.
  • Promote our trail and conservation areas as outdoor recreational opportunities and environmental education spaces.
  • Engage residents in creating a Community Trail Network Master Plan.
  • Redevelop the Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area.

Strive for Organizational Excellence

  • Foster a culture of giving to support community conservation activities in partnership with Wintergreen Fund for Conservation.
  • Ensure best practices in day-to-day operations.
  • Engage residents and partners in our programs and services.
  • Explore opportunities for innovative revenue generation and diversified funding.
  • Modernize our data management system.

Inspire Watershed Champions

  • Collaborate with partners to develop a watershed report card and increase the understanding of watershed health.
  • Inspire youth through experiential learning opportunities to become environmental champions.
  • Establish new partnerships for resource sharing capacity building.

Our Values


We work with volunteers and partners to achieve our shared goals.


We value transparent decision-making, measure the impact of our actions and continue to focus on being accountable to our environment and citizens.


We welcome new opportunities, new technology, creative ideas and solutions.


We can change to meet emerging needs.


We are consistent and fair in our decision-making.


We are courageous and lead by example.