Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area


Contractors will be working in the Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area beginning in June 2023. Low-lying rail surfaces are being raised. Please use alternate areas for your walking and enjoyment of nature until the work is complete.

The Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area is located alongside the Mattagami River and provides 7 hectares of beautiful greenspace, ideal for walking, picnicking and relaxing. The area features walking trails, public washrooms, sports fields and plenty of parking. It also has great views of the Mattagami River with convenient access if you want to launch a canoe or kayak. The park forms part of the Timmins Recreational Trail Network and is connected by a trail to the public boat launch.

In 1960 this area was completely covered in flood waters when the Mattagami River overtopped its banks and caused millions of dollars in damages. Many residences and businesses were removed from the floodplain along the Mattagami River in the early 70’s, which allowed the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority to develop this greenspace.


This Conservation Area is easily accessible from Riverside Drive or Lillian Ave.

Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area is available to book for your community events.

All dogs must be on a leash at all times in our Conservation Areas.