Site Alteration

The City of Timmins and Mattagami Region Conservation Authority have recently partnered to administer and enforce the City of Timmins Site Alteration By-Law No. 2019-8343 and its associated permitting process.

You will need to contact the MRCA if you are considering:

  • changing the grade and/or elevation of your property;
  • removing vegetation near a shoreline on your property;
  • the removal of topsoil;
  • placing of fill, clearing and grubbing;
  • the compaction of soil to create impervious surfaces;
  • or any combination of these activities.

Through this new municipal legislation, we hope to help residents ensure that the work you do on your property does not negatively effect you or your neighbours. If you have made the decision to alter your property (as defined above) it is important to fill out a Site Alteration Application Form to illustrate the scope of work and help us determine what type of permit you may or may not require. We can help you navigate through the process and understand the City of Timmins Site Alteration Guidelines.

Note: Having a permit to perform any other work (i.e., a building permit) does not exempt a resident from the requirement to apply for a Site Alteration Permit.


In addition to the permitting system for site alterations, By-Law No.2019-8343 also places a focus on the preservation of existing drainage.

Under the by-law,

No person or owner shall, or shall permit any person to, alter or obstruct, or cause or contribute to the obstruction of a ditch, drain, or lot grade such that the flow of storm, rain, ground, surface or subsurface water is increased, impaired or deviates from the existing drainage pattern or approved grading and drainage pattern and causes or is likely to cause an adverse condition on any abutting property.

Please remember to contact the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority before doing any work that might change or effect drainage. Remedies or reversing completed work that does not follow the Site Alteration By-Law can be a costly mistake.