hersey lake trails

The Hersey Lake Trail System is located at the northerly end of the Golden Springs Trail surrounded by a mature Boreal Forest. Set within the Hersey Lake Conservation Area approximately 5 km north of Timmins on Highway 655, the trail system includes the Hersey Lake Promenade and several interconnecting inner loops and roadways. It features a variety of highland and lowland areas, beautiful lakes, interesting bogs and a wealth of different plants, trees, birds and animals. There are scenic lookouts at Grouse Point and Jack Pine Lake, boardwalks at Tamarack and Fisher Lakes and several rest stops.

Tamarack Trail

To learn more about the area’s natural history, you can take the self-guided interpretive Tamarack Trail. The trail is a self-guided nature walk that uses numbered post to acquaint you with some unique features of the northern environment. An information pamphlet is available at the trailhead, or you can access the Tamarack Trail Guide webpage.

Off-leash Dog Walking

Hersey Lake also includes our only off-leash area for dog walking. The Rainbow Loop Trail is designated as an area where you may exercise your pet without the constraint of a leash. The off-leash areas are clearly marked with signage. This trail path is not a fenced dog park area. It is provided for those who wish to hike with their dogs. Please be considerate of wildlife and other trail users. It is your responsibility to clean up your dog waste.

Winter Use

In winter, the Hersey Lake Trails can be used for walking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. The entire trail system features directional and distance signs at all the major intersections so you will know exactly where you are at any time. Select trails are groomed by our staff in an effort to make winter walking easier for all.


A map of the Hersey Trail system can be picked up at the MRCA office, or you can download a printable pdf of the Hersey Lake Trails map.