Wintergreen Fund for Conservation Projects

The Wintergreen Fund for Conservation has a long history of working with community partners to complete conservation initiatives. We have been so fortunate to have the support of large corporations, small businesses, volunteer groups and numerous individuals. We look forward to continuing these great relationships as we plan for new projects to benefit the residents and visitors to our area.

Current Projects (2021)

Wintergreen Fund for Conservation is working towards a few new projects in 2021.

  • The development of a new interpretive trail in the Hersey Lake Conservation Area highlighting local ecology.
  • The production and installation of new signage throughout the recreational trail system.

Ongoing Projects

Volunteer and student painting yellow fish near a storm drain

Yellow Fish Road

Storm water education and awareness program for schools and community groups.

Gardens in bloom at Gillies Lake Conservation Area

Gillies Lake Gardens

Continued support for the group of volunteers working to maintain the beautiful gardens at the Gillies Lake Conservation Area.

Children participating in Water Festival activities

Timmins Children's Water Festival (2009-2016)

Supporting the return of this hands on water education program for Grade 3-6 students.

Past Projects

Timmins High and Vocational School class with the swallow boxes they built

Swallow Nesting Boxes (2020)

Provided resources to Timmins High & Vocational School class to build new swallow nesting boxes to be paced throughout the Gillies Lake Conservation Area.

A sturgeon in the Mattagami River

Mattagami Sturgeon Restoration Project (2002-2018)

The Mattagami Sturgeon Restoration Project was a program put in place to monitor and rehabilitate the sturgeon population in the Mattagami River.

Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area bridge and gazebo

Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area Upgrades (2017)

The Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area benefitted from LED light upgrades, new bridges, signage and a gazebo.

Archie's Rock Signage

Archie's Rock Official Designation Project (2016)

Wintergreen completed the official designation and signage for Archie’s Rock, a unique geological formation discovered by Archie Chenier.

Wooden lookout overlooking Rainbow Lake in the Hersey Lake Conservation Area

Rainbow Lake Lookout (2016)

Supported the development of a lookout over the Rainbow Lake Bog found in the Hersey Lake Conservation Area.

Worker installing LED lights in outdoor lightposts

Gillies Lake LED Light Upgrades (2016)

Upgraded 80 lightstands around the Gillies Lake Promenade to LED fixtures.

Promenade with benches overlooking Gillies Lake

Gillies Lake South Shore Promenade (2015)

This addition to the Gillies Lake Promenade Trail not only provides safer access to the water for conservation area users, but also protects the shoreline from further erosion and provides improved habitat for fish.

Ladies holding a tray of tree saplings at Arbour Day Celebrations

Arbour Day Celebrations (2003-2015)

An annual event to provide interested residents with tree samplings for planting.

High Falls Grassy River Sign

High Falls Scenic Walk ``Grant's Way`` (2014)

Installed signage and dedication to Grant Tunnicliffe for his efforts to protect the High Falls area as a valuable and unique natural resource.

Map of the Porcupine Lake Trail showing the projects completed as part of the Porcupine Lake Rejuvenation

Porcupine Lake Rejuventation Project (2010)

Project to improve walking trails, provide better access to the lake and beautify the shoreline areas.

Boardwalk trail extension alongside Gillies Lake

Gillies Lake Boardwalk (2005)

Overwater boardwalk installed to complete the looped trail around the lake and clean up the shoreline to benefit fish habitat.